Anna Village Council hears concerns about sidewalks

ANNA – Ken Aselage was sworn in as a member of the Village of Anna council during a council meeting on Jan. 14.

Also during the meeting, resident Mitch Middendorf inquired about the zoning regulations that will require him to install sidewalks in the Timber Trail subdivision once it is more than 50 percent complete. His concerns were that installing sidewalks would increase the cost of the lots and that the sidewalks will be torn out where future driveways are installed.

Village Administrator Mike Homan said people walk that area because down and back equals 1 mile.

Middendorf does not want to encourage more traffic into the woods at the far end. He thinks the complete installation of sidewalks will inhibit growth and development of the subdivision by increased costs.

Homan said the village would discuss the issue at its next Public Works Committee meeting in January. Middendorf requested to attend the Public Works Committee meeting, and Mayor Mark Pulfert told him all meetings are open to the public.

In other business, council adopted an ordinance extending the designated no parking on the east side of Meadowview Lane at East Main Street.

Pulfer reported that the police department 2019 year end summary is available for review.

During his administrator’s report, Homan asked if the village wants to start charging a fee to cover the costs associated with police and public works expenses during 5K races. Some municipalities charge approximately $100 per race.

Anna normally has three or four officers on duty for two to three hours during 5K races. The village has a 5K upcoming in March.

Council member Carol Ferguson said it doesn’t sound like a good idea and that tax payer dollars should be able to cover the expenses. More discussions will occur at the next council meeting.

Homan reported that Imagine Networks has wireless equipment on top of the water tower. Its contract has expired, and for the last seven years its payment has been $50 a month short.

NKTelco has expressed interest in installing wireless equipment on top of the water tower as well.

Council member Ken Aselage asked what NKTelco would give the village and if it would be a better deal.

Homan said he will talk with Imagine Network and NKTelco regarding options. He has looked into options for the back payment of approximately $4,200 from the Imagine Network contract.

Homan also reported the village has approximately $17,000 remaining on a Bureau of Workers’ Compensation safety grant and a trailer mounted hydrovac system is being looked into. There has been no contact made regarding the proposed waterway.

The annexation of ground south of town will be looked into to keep things moving. It was suggested to go back to the Franklin Township trustees to get signatures again because the original is a couple years old.

Ferguson questioned where the village is in regards to property maintenance at 302 N. Pike St.

Homan recommended a voluntary assessment and spending the money to clean it up. Fiscal Officer Stacy Meyer said there are more than $13,000 in sidewalk fees currently assessed to the property as well. The village will look into its options.

Ferguson questioned the brown water complaints, and Homan said there have been some repairs made to the water plant.

During the fiscal officer report, Meyer said the last of the 2019 sidewalks have passed their deadlines. A total of $73,992.97 has been assessed to properties that opted to have their costs assessed.

The BWC true up report has been completed. The Hinkle notes were included for council members’ review and are ready to be submitted to the state.

The 2019 income tax revenue was up from 2018, and refunds were up as well. As a result, the village’s net revenue was down slightly from 2018.

Fire Chief Tim Bender said the department ended 2019 with a total of 90 calls.

A fire in a grinding machine at Honda resulted in an approximately a $350,000 loss, Bender said.

As a result of the Sidney-Freyburg Road fire, some of the turnout gear was damaged and has to be sent in for inspection. Certain materials start to break down at 500 degrees. The crews did a great job and saved a lot of items in the home, Bender said.

The annual turnout gear for the fire department and future upgrades to the water plant were reviewed.

The next Finance and Personnel Committee meeting was set for 6 p.m. Feb. 11. The next Public Works meeting was set for 6 p.m. Jan. 28.

The Safety and Refuse Committee set a meeting for 6:30 p.m. Feb. 4. The committee’s January meeting was canceled due to the house fire on Sidney-Freyburg Road as a majority of the attendees would not have made the meeting.

The next Parks and Recreation meeting was set for 5 p.m. Feb. 11.

In old business, Homan reported trying to make contact with the owner of 302 N. Pike St. regarding property maintenance. It was reported there has been no contact in regards to the proposed waterway.

Homan contacted two engineering companies to provide quotes for the upcoming 2020 sidewalk program and to look at the drainage in that area as well. Adam McKee said when residents bring dirt in to make their yards look nice, it disturbs the flow of the water. Quotes will be reviewed at the next meeting if they are received by then.

In new business, Meyer said there were no changes made to the 2019 Rules of Council. The rules were adopted.

Gary Strasser was elected council president. Justin Radick and Laura Lentz-Fogt were appointed to represent the volunteer firefighter dependents board. Bender requested to purchase annual turnout gear in the amount of $16,236.59, and the requested was approved.

Also during the meeting, invoices totaling $95,506.41 were approved.

Council went into executive session to discuss personnel.