Botkins experiences economic growth in 2019



BOTKINS — Over the last year the village of Botkins has been able to capitalize on a strong economy to achieve unprecedented levels of economic growth.

“This growth ensures that the village will continue to be able to invest in infrastructure and parks, provide a wide array of services to our residents, and continue to remain one of the few municipalities without an income tax increase in over 30 years!” said Village Administrator Randy Purdy.

His report continues:

Upgrades to the Botkins Water Treatment Plant were completed in January 2019. These upgrades ensure the long-term sustainability of our plant, and help us to provide clean and safe drinking water to our residents. The village has also begun to replace older water lines in conjunction with sidewalk and streets projects, reducing the chances of major leaks in the water distribution system.

The village completed engineering upgrades to the wastewater treatment facility in the fall of 2019. These upgrades, which will begin in March, will ensure that Botkins continue to meet the ever-changing standards of the Ohio EPA.

The seasonal workers at the Botkins Community Park put in another year of hard work. Public works and park workers have spent a tremendous amount of time making improvements at the park, and we expect an even busier upcoming year. Last year saw improvements to the varsity baseball field through an infield reconstruction project. In the upcoming year plans include the long-awaited paving of the park lane, installing a new shelter house roof, and planting a pollination station. However, the most exciting project for 2020 at the Botkins Community Park will be the installation of new playground equipment, expected this fall!

Over the last year the village has continued with its annual sidewalk program. These projects aim to improve upon the safety and aesthetic appeal of the community. New sidewalks were installed on the south side of County Road 25A, completing the project began in 2018. The groundwork was also laid for this upcoming year’s project, the installation of sidewalks on the north side of County Road 25A.

The village was also able to reinstate a road maintenance program last year. We were happy to have repaved Dutch Van Horn Way, an improvement taken well by our residents and visitors at Botkin Carousel. The bulk of activities occur on this section of road during Carousel, and the repaving improved upon the safety and visual appeal of the event. We were able to repave West State Street, from the railroad tracks to the corporation limit in conjunction with Shelby County.

Perhaps the most noticeable change in Botkins this year has been the developments ongoing at the Botkins Industrial Park. The addition of Airtow moving into the first Botkins Investment Group building has been great for our community. The investment into our community of jobs, economic activity, and taxes that a new business brings is vital to our ability to improve and maintain our infrastructure, parks, and ensure adequate funding for our first responders. The industrial park has seen the construction of the second Botkins Investment Group building, one we hope that will bring more jobs and opportunity to our community.

Fertilizer Dealer Supply has also broken ground on a 9.25-acre development, allowing for further expansion of their business in Botkins. The growth at the industrial isn’t just limited to new businesses either, we are happy to say that our very first business in the industrial park, Buckeye Electrical Products, will be expanding operations in the coming year! The Botkins Industrial Park is certainly primed for a second consecutive year of unprecedented growth.

Our community is growing. Our community is strong. Last year was tremendous in terms of growth and improvement in the village. This upcoming year looks to match our recent success.