Drug Task Force continues fight against drug abuse



SIDNEY — The Shelby County Drug Task Force was formed in the late fall of 2016 and is comprised of 30 member agencies who meet bi-monthly to collect and share data and information about the opioid and drug abuse problem in Shelby County, all of Ohio and the Nation.

“We continue to use the community dash board previously developed with this data that allows all of the agencies to see and understand what services are being offered and by whom these services are available through,” said Diann Rodrigues, Drug Task Force member.

Our Goals continue to be:

• To share and collect Data for grant writing purposes,

• Unite Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, Judicial, and not for profit leaders and share what each agency is faced with and how we can help each other and our citizens.

• Implement Strategic Best Practices to combat these issues.

• Educate and inform State and Federal Officials of our problems and our needs to control them.

The task force continues to meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss the opiate concern for Shelby County. Statistics are shared from these different agencies that are a part of the task force. The task force did not hold any Community Conversations in 2019. There was a shift in drug usage from opiates to other drugs, such as methamphetamine. This trend was consistent throughout 2019. The drug task force monitored any trends throughout the year based on information gathered from the different agencies

We will be forming different committees for 2020 to ensure that the community is aware of different services already available to them. We want to make sure we are reaching out to the community in different formats to send the message of services readily available to meet their needs.

The drug task force continues to use the website www.drugfreeshelbycounty.org. to show the different services available in Shelby County.