City issues reminder about trash, recycling placement

SIDNEY — The city of Sidney issues reminder about trash and recycling placement in an effort “to keep Sidney looking its best.”

According to Assistant City Manager/Public Works Director Gary Clough’s press release, Sidney City Council enacted legislation in 2017 to help keep Sidney looking its best. The legislation pertained to the storage of solid waste and recycling containers, when those containers along with yard waste and big items should be placed at the curb for pickup, and when the empty containers should be removed from the curb after collection.

“City staff has seen a recent increase in the number of households failing to meet the storage and placement requirements,” Assistant City Manager/Public Works Director Gary Clough said in the release. “Before staff begins increased enforcement efforts, they would like to remind residents about the legislation requirements in the hopes these issues will self-correct with more awareness.”

The requirements include:

• Containers, bags, yard waste and big pick up items must be set out by 7 a.m. the day of pick up.

• Containers, bags, yard waste and big pick up items cannot be placed out earlier than noon the day before pick up day.

• Containers must be removed no later than noon the day after pick up day. Furthermore, the legislation regulates where containers should be stored when not curbside for collection.

• All trash must be placed in the container with the lid closed. No loose bags of trash are allowed to be placed outside the container.

• Containers must be stored in a garage if you have two or more garage bays, or at least 15 feet behind the front of the house.

• Containers cannot be stored on front porches.

• Failure to follow the established regulations could result in a $150 per day fine.

Clough encouraged residents to refer to the city’s website on Solid Waste ( for additional regulations on trash and recycling standards.