Board prepares for election

The Shelby County Board of Elections has issued a proclamation for the primary election to be held Tuesday, March 17.

At the usual place of holding elections in each and every precinct throughout Shelby County or at such places as the Board may designate for the purpose of nominating the following:

Democratic delegate-at-large and alternates-at-large to the national convention; Republican delegate-at-large and alternates to the national convention; Democratic representative to congress (4th District); Republican represenatative to congress (4th District); justice of the supreme court-Jan. 1, 2021; justice of the supreme court Jan. 2, 2021; judge of the court of appeals (3rd District) Feb. 9, 2021; state senator (12th District); State representative (85th District); Judge of court of common pleas Feb. 9, 2021; County commissioner Jan. 2, 2021; County comissioner Jan. 3, 2021; prosecuting attorney; clerk of court of common pleas; sheriff; county recorder; county treasurer; county engineer; coroner; member of county central committee.

The following questions or issues will also appear on the ballot:

Additional Tax Levy Avoiding an Operating Deficit of the School District, Sidney City School District; Renewal Tax Levy for Permanent Improvements for the School District, Jackson Center Local School District; Additional Tax Levy providing and maintaining fire apparatus, equipment and appliances, Loramie Township; Renewal Tax Levy providing ambulance and medical services, Perry-Port-Salem Rescue; Local Liquor Option, Anna Marathon-Anna Village; Local Liquor Option, Anna Shell-Anna Village; Local Liquor Option, Tavolo LLC, Sidney 3-A

The Polls for the election will open at 6:30 a.m. and remain open until 7:30 p.m. on March 17.