Homestead, rollback reductions clarified

SIDNEY — In Wednesday’s article concerning the Sidney City Schools emergency tax levy which is on the ballot Tuesday, incorrect terminology was provided concerning homestead and rollback reductions.

The homestead reduction, said Sidney City Schools Treasurer Mike Watkins, still exists.

“We have for years talked about the homestead and rollback when referring to the 12.5% reduction but that really is not accurate and with new levies it makes a big difference,” said Watkins. “The homestead exemption, which is the reduction for elderly, disabled, etc. is still in effect.

“What has been eliminated, using the correct terminology, is the 10% Nonbusiness Credit and 2.5% Owner Occupied property. So now because we have used the incorrect terminology we have created a population of concerned voters that something is being eliminated should the levy passes that really isn’t going away. This mistake is all on us as that is the phrase we have been utilizing for years.”