Commissioners cut general fund by 10%

SIDNEY — The Shelby County Commissioners passed a resolution directing all general fund departments to cut their personnel costs by 10% effective immediately due to the impacts of the coronavirus. The resolution was approved during Thursday’s meeting.

Their joint statement follows:

“As the State announced their revenue receipts finished the month $159.4 million (-10.5%) below estimate, we believed we could not delay in enacting our own response to the economic downturn. The Shelby County Commissioners have projected the county could realize over $1 million in lost anticipated revenue. As we have to maintain a balanced budget, we need to make changes now. The effective date for these changes is April 13, 2020.

“Our main expense is in our labor cost, so unfortunately this must be our focus at this time. general fund departments include the county commissioners, the auditor, treasurer, recorder, sheriff, common pleas court, juvenile/probate court, municipal court, coroner, prosecuting attorney, clerk of courts, public defender, adult probation and the board of elections. We ask for cooperation from each of these entities as we navigate these difficult circumstances. While we are not telling departments how to make these cuts, we understand some lay-offs may occur. Any persons in this situation are encouraged to apply for benefits through the CARES Act.

“The county revenues are comprised of several sources that are expected to be impacted. The commissioners reviewed anticipated revenues from interest income, sales tax, casino revenue, and local government funds (LGF) to determine that Shelby County could expect to have a shortfall exceeding $1 million for the 2020 budget.

“We cannot predict what will happen in the months to come. We are hopeful that things turn around quickly, and that our adjustments now are sufficient to help us through this. We will continue to monitor the situation closely so that we respond appropriately with the changing environment,” the commssioners concluded.