Buckeyes at Home builds links to wellness, creativity and community

LIMA – The Ohio State University at Lima has developed a new feature on Lima.OSU.edu designed to help make everyone’s time at home easier, better and healthier.

Buckeyes at Home is the coming together of Buckeyes past and present to boost the experience of fellow Ohioans beyond the bounds of the university. Faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends and their families are invited to view these videos, share them in their networks and stay connected.

New content is being added to the following categories regularly at go.osu.edu/BuckeyesatHome.

• Wellness with Welker – Recreational Director Chad Welker helps viewers use things they already have at home to get a little exercise.

• Storytime with the Buckeyes – Alumni, faculty and staff read their favorite children’s books.

• Doodle Days with Zach – Reference librarian Zach Walton ties his interest in art with his love of literature through short drawing tutorials.

• BuckeyeFlow with Britt – Certified yoga instructor and education lecturer Britt Collier-Gibson leads “mini-flow” sessions, targeting different areas of the body

• CAB Channel – The Campus Activities Board shares regular updates important to students and highlights virtual student events and activities.

The segments build on the existing strengths of their creators, who come from a variety of areas in the campus community. Buckeyes at Home is also a new way to build the connections that are a hallmark of Ohio State for students, alumni and employees, university officials said.

“I see the Buckeyes at Home series as an opportunity to create some semblance of togetherness in a time where many of us feel isolated,” Walton said. “It maintains that personal level of engagement and connection that I value so much about the Ohio State Lima experience.”

Walton’s segments pack a double punch for parents looking for a creative outlook for their suddenly-at-home students. He chooses his topics to spark continued creativity with his viewers after the segment is finished.

“I only have about 10 to 12 minutes for my videos, but anyone watching has all the time in the world to continue creating,” Walton said. “As far back as I can remember, my doodling has always been informed by what I might be reading at the time, so giving viewers the opportunity to develop their own stories around something we’re doodling together is something I strive for, and making that literary connection is a huge bonus for me.”

Promoting healthy living has always been a high priority for recreational director Welker. In the face of COVID-19, Welker has compared notes with fellow wellness directors through virtual roundtables and Zoom calls. His segments aim to help people develop and keep healthy habits.

“It is so important to promote wellness for healthy living for everyday health but even more so now in the face of a global pandemic,” Welker said. “Being healthy and practicing wellness initiatives can aid in the prevention of getting sick and building a healthy immune system.”

Welker plans to continue with virtual wellness even after students return to campus.

“I believe this is a unique opportunity to not only promote our on-campus programs but to reach people who may not feel comfortable participating until they have an idea of what each program entails,” Welker said.