Auglaize County Historical Society announces commemorative project

WAPAKONETA — The Auglaize County Historical Society will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and the men and women who served the country—with playing cards.

The Historical Society is creating a deck of playing cards featuring the men and women from Auglaize County who served during World War II. The commemorative deck of cards offers a unique opportunity to commemorate the anniversary of the war’s end and the citizens of Auglaize County who contributed to this unparalleled accomplishment in world history.

Each of the card faces may be sponsored by individuals, churches, clubs, or businesses. Each card will feature an image of the serviceman or woman to be honored. Sponsorships vary in price, depending upon the card preferred (for example, a number card versus a face card, Ace, or Wild Card).

Cards can be sponsored by:

• Selecting the number and suit of card. Sponsorship rates are: 2s through 10s = $50; Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Wild Cards= $100; and Aces= $150.

• Once a specific card has been selected, send an email or regular mail message to the Auglaize County Historical Society, or 206 West Main Street, Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895. All communications should include the following information: name of sponsor, address, telephone number, and email address. The email or regular mail note should inform ACHS which card is being sponsored. (A second choice may be provided, if desired.)

Please note: If all cards have not been sponsored by July 1, the Historical Society reserves the right to cancel the project, at which time all sponsorship monies will be returned.

• Those who email their sponsorship will receive an email confirmation informing them whether the specific card is still available. They will then have 10 (ten) days to remit the sponsorship fee for the card they have selected via a check to the above address. Those who communicate via regular mail may include a check for their sponsorship fee. They will be contacted upon receipt of their note, confirming that their chosen card is still available for sponsorship. Please do not leave a telephone message to reserve a card for sponsorship.

• When payment has been received, the sponsor will be contacted by a representative of the Auglaize County Historical Society to select an image and designation. The person to be pictured should have grown up in Auglaize County or lived here at the time that he/she entered service in World War II.

• All card sponsors will receive a complimentary deck of cards as part of their sponsorship, and will be provided the first opportunity to purchase decks of cards at $10 each. Only 1,000 decks of cards will be printed. The Historical Society anticipates that the cards will be available for sale in the fall, but cannot be more specific because of current circumstances.