Russia Board of Education approves payment for spring coaches

RUSSIA – The Russia Local School Board of Education approved paying all spring coaches 50 percent of their contracted amounts due to the cancellation of the spring sports season during its May 20 meeting.

All coaches are required to complete necessary training, complete inventory and collect uniforms prior to receiving payment.

Also during the meeting, a motion passed to approve the non-renewal of the following non-certificated supplemental contracts at the end of the 2019-20 season – Kevin Phlipot, varsity baseball; Aaron Monnin, varsity baseball assistant; Dennis Monnin, junior varsity baseball; Kristi Borchers, junior varsity/varsity softball assistant; Wes Goubeaux, junior varsity/varsity softball assistant; Dan Schafer, high school boys track; Brad Heaton, high school girls track; Ed Magoto, assistant track; Mark Travis, assistant track; and Zachary Bell, junior high track.

The board approved limited teaching contracts for the 2020-21 school year – Eric Sullenberger, three year; Rachel Gregg, two year; Jill Schwieterman, one year; Jayme Goubeaux, one year; Lynn Blakeley, one year; Elizabeth Knapke, one year; Hannah Mescher, one year; Michael Fulk, one year; Jaclyn Bensman, one year; Beth Murray, one year; Mike Bruns, one year (retire/rehire); and Marcus Petitjean, one year (retire/rehire).

A motion passed to employ the following classified contracts for the 2020-21 school year – Jodi Beasley, student aide, two year; Jennifer Timmerman, student aide, two year; Cathy Courter, student aide, two year; Missy Seger, classified employee, two year; Doris Goubeaux, classified employee, two year; and Marcus Petitjean, tech director, one year (retire/rehire).

The board approved employment of Caitlin Moody as a long-term substitute teacher for Jaclyn Bensman for the 2020-21 school year.

A motion passed to approve a contract with Carol Riggle for cash basis statement preparation for Russia Local School for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020. All work papers will continue to be prepared by the treasurer. This contract is for $1,500.

A motion passed to approve appropriation modifications due to changes in estimated revenue certified to the Shelby County auditor. Increases are expected in the Emerson Grant (001-0069), $500; Emerson Grant (001-0070), $500; Student Activity Funds (200), $55,000; CCP Grant (499-9021), $1,206; Title I (572-9020), $1,518.01; and Title IV (599-9920), $257.95. Decreases are expected in the SWSF (467-9020), $7.41; IDEA-B (516-9020), $445.96; and IDEA Early Childhood (587-9020), $0.98.

Superintendent Steve Rose updated the board on the end of the school year processes as well as prom and graduation.

He also reported on the status of the building and grounds projects. Due to the early building shutdown, maintenance items are ahead of schedule. The district will move forward with the resealing of the parking lots.

Principal Marcus Bixler reported to the board on the year end activities for the school year including staff professional development as well as the various awards programs that have been held. He also recapped the activities that the staff continued to do with the students through the coronavirus pandemic.

The board reviewed the RC-3 Certificate of Records Disposal. The committee approved the certificate of records disposal.

A public hearing was held to discuss the use of IDEA-B and Title I funds. The meeting continued without discussion.

A motion passed to approve the bills as submitted including then and now certifications.

The board reviewed the financial summary report, the updated spending plan and the three-year spending plan comparison. The five-year forecast was reviewed in detail.

A motion passed to approve the NEOLA policies as submitted in April.

A motion passed to accept the list of graduates as presented upon successful completion of all requirements.

A motion passed to approve the student handbook for the 2020-21 school year.