Ohio’s two-year colleges launch Year 1 at Home effort

COLUMBUS – Ohio’s community colleges have come together to launch a new effort to help first-year college students put aside questions about where and how they can go to college this coming fall.

Known as Year 1 at Home, the new effort by Ohio’s public two-year colleges is aimed at reminding students and their families of community colleges’ expertise in online instruction, their low tuition and that first-year general education requirements are almost universally the same at all institutions and the credits transfer easily.

“Who knows what the higher education landscape will look like this fall? And who knows if, after saving for years and then paying large sums for tuition in a residential setting, conditions may force students to wind-up at home again learning online anyway,” said Jack Hershey, president and CEO of the Ohio Association of Community Colleges. “During these challenging times, many students need assurances about the availability and affordability of their college classes. Why should students subject themselves to the uncertainty, the risk and the high cost of instruction that is essentially the same at a community college. Year 1 at Home wipes away all of these unnecessary stress points, replaces them with certainty and let’s students move forward focused on learning and their futures.”

Central to the success of the campaign is that, over the years, Ohio’s leaders have required Ohio’s colleges, both two- and four-year, to easily accept each other’s credits, especially when transferring from two-year to four-year institutions. This not only helps keep costs down, but it also gives students more options for where and how they pursue their educations.

“Ohio’s community colleges are built for the ease, convenience and support of students. We know how to work around students’ needs and the biggest need they have right now is certainty, and that’s something we can supply,” said Jim Doyle, chairman of the OACC and a member of the Clark State Community College Board of Trustees. “We are in 23 places across Ohio, nearby to every community, and we’re wired to serve. We’re glad to have a chance to support students and their families right now with Year 1 at Home, and we anticipate it will be a welcome resource – and source of relief.”

For more information on Year 1 at Home campaign, contact Edison State Community College and speak with a career pathway adviser. Call 937-778-8600 or visit edisonohio.edu/high-school-seniors for details.