Resignations, retirements, RIFs approved

Sidney BOE continues staffing changes

By Melanie Speicher -

SIDNEY — Changes in staff for Sidney City Schools continued Monday night when the Board of Education approved resignations, retirements, reduction in force via nonrnewals and hiring of other personnel.

The resignations of Lauren Moore, teacher/volleyball coach, and Chris Monroe, custodian, both were accepted. Moore’s resignation is effective Aug. 1 while Monroe’s resignation is effective July 1.

The retirements of Ronda Russell, aide, Amy Stratton, teacher, Trent Voress, teacher, John Willoughby, administrator, and Doug Zimmer, administrator, also were accepted. The retirements are effective July 1.

Reduction in force/nonrenewals of Ashley Hamilton, secretary; Joel Turner, counselor; Jennifer Barga, Tim Cundiff, Natalie Townsend, Brandyn Heitman, Ruby-Tuesday Morrison, Kayla Keaton and Trisha Schmiesing, all teachers; and Kenna Chavez, secretary, were approved by the board. The effective date of the nonrenewals is Aug. 1.

The contracts of Brian Powderly, administrator, Jayne Evans, school psychologist, and Fran Dembski, administrator, were suspended effective Aug 1.

The board awarded contracts to:

• Kelly Gagnet, Auxiliary Services, $41.81 per hour, effective Aug. 1

• Fran Dembski, teacher, $89,873 per year, effective Aug. 1.

• Jayne Evans, teacher, $81,662 per year, effective Aug. 1.

Aides receiving one-year limited contracts were Pam Alexander, $16.61 per hour; Linda Allen, $18.01 per hour; Bob Barnes, $15.12 per hour; Michelle Beatty, $18.47 per hour; Cindy Biddle, $16.61 per hour; Lee Ann Roller, $20.80 per hour; Patti Boshears, $16.61 per hour; Abigail Bowman, $19.87 per hour; Stephanie Cavinder, $16.61 per hour; Madge Connelley, $19.40 per hour; Sara Cowman, $16.61 per hour; Melissa Freistuhler, $18.47 per hour; Tammy Gerstner, $17.54 per hour; Lindsey Goffena, $17.54 per hour; Megan Gray, $15.12 per hour; Kelly Harris, $19.40 per hour; Julie Helman, $20.80 per hour; Kylie Hopkins, $16.61 per hour; Christina Jenkins, $17.08 per hour; Tammy Johnson, $17.98 per hour; Shelly Jones, $20.80 per hour; Paula King, $18.47 per hour; Christina Knott, $15.65 per hour; Jolene Krebehenne, $19.87 per hour; Jackie Lentz, $16.18 per hour; Amanda Lloyd, $15.65 per hour; Sara Mann, $16.61 per hour; Kris Masteller, $20.80 per year; Jennifer McKibben, $17.08 per hour; Dianne Murray, $16.61 per hour; Stacey New, $15.65 per hour; Cheryl Niswonger, $17.08 per hour; Jenna Puckett, $14.68 per hour; Lois Reithman, $17.54 per hour; Barbara Roddy, $18.47 per hour; Teresa Schroer, $20.33 per hour; Shelley Scroggin, $18.47 per hour; Sheryl Shope, $20.80 per hour; Denise Slonaker, $20.80 per hour; Justin Smith, $18.01 per hour; Sarah Steenrod, $17.08 per hour; Summer VanHook, $16.16 per hour; Julia White, $20.33 per hour; Jennifer Wiford, $16.61 per hour; and Amy Wildermuth, $21.73 per hour.

Classified change of employment status was approved for Renee Davis, aide to secretary, $26.47 per hour; and Jamie Whited, aide, $16.61 per hour.

Classified substitutes on a one-year limited as needed contracts include Donald Chupp, substitute bus driver, $17.47 per hour; and Maiya Foy, substitute Latchkey aide, $11 per hour.

Supplemental athletic one-year contracts were awarded to Adam Doenges, football coach, $8,987; Jamie Fridley, soccer coach, $4,902; Kevin Veroneau, soccer coach, $5,179; Kenneth Kellner, cross country coach $4,289; Boil Rippey, golf coach, $2,451; Joel Spangler, golf coach, $2,451; Donovan Gregory, tennis coach, $2,451; Ashley Swiger, head cheer coach, $3,268; and Jenny Luebke, competition cheer coach, $4,289.

Summer school employees hired were Chris Lauterbach, Katie Marter and Tonya McLain, directors, $1,325 each; and Frank Guillozet, teacher, $26 per hour.

Season workers hired were Carl Allison, Steve Corbin, Jon Geuy and Jerry Inman, $16.03 per hour each; Scott Roddy, substitute seasonal worker, $16.03 per hour; and Alyssa Chavez, summer student help, $9.50 per hour.

Sidney BOE continues staffing changes

By Melanie Speicher

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.