Wirick, Smith attend RITE training

JACKSON CENTER — Jackson Center Police Chief Chief Chuck Wirick and Sgt. Zac Smith attended the Racial Intelligence Training and Engagement (RITE) training that was hosted by the Middletown Police Department on July 20-21. RITE gives officers the tools needed to promote change within their departments. These tools will allow the officer to recognize if and when their job is affecting them, and will also allow them to correct their emotions prior to dealing with the public.

According to Wirick, programs like RITE allow officers to get ahead of issues that could surface while on a call and dealing with the public. If an officer is forced to go hands on during the course of their duties, these tools will allow the officer to have their emotions in check, therefore allowing the officer to make decisions that may not be career ending. These tools will also allow the officer to deal with the public in a more friendly and fair manner, resulting in a more secure relationship between the public and the department.

The two-day training allowed for Wirick and Smith to become instructors in this course. Wirick said all officers of the Jackson Center Police Department will be required to take the course in house and will receive annual updates on the training as well. Wirick also said he and Smith will be opening the training up to all local agencies within Shelby and surrounding counties within the coming months.

Wirick said he knows that he has an excellent crew within his department, however, each and every department has room to grow and they should take courses like this to ensure that their departments continue to grow and move forward in a positive light.