Pre-Fair Food and Nutrition Awards

Let’s Start Cooking

Best of Class — Maycee Kipker

Outstanding of the Day — Hadley Jackson

Dorothy Duncan Award — Maycee Kipker

Nutrition Award — Whitney York

Honorable Mention — McKinley Schloss

Take a Break for Breakfast

Outstanding of the Day — Brooklyn Cruse

Honorable Mention — Claudia Hoehne

Second Place — Austin Heaton

Everyday Food and Fitness

Shirley Johnson Award — Josephine Flaute

Let’s Bake Quick Breads

Nutrition Award — Ruth Carity

Honorable Mention — Anna Meyer

Star Spangled Foods

Outstanding of the Day — Amelie Phillips

Shirley Johnson Award — Amelie Phillips

Party Planner

Best of Class — Liliana Phillips

Best of Show — Liliana Phillips

Dorothy Duncan Award — Liliana Phillips

Global Gourmet

Best of Class — Avery Jackson

Nutrition Award — Kieran Yarkosky

Dorothy Duncan Award — Avery Jackson

Honorable Mention — Marie Ballas

Beyond the Grill

Outstanding of the Day — Evan Luthman

Shirley Johnson Award — Evan Luthman