Damage to Kettlersville park shelter not covered by insurance

KETTLERSVILLE – Damage to the roof of the park shelter was not covered under the village insurance policy and cannot be repaired at this time, Kettlersville Village Council learned during its Aug. 4 meeting.

The tree that was damaged in the windstorm will be removed. Insurance policies have been adjusted to cover the village park.

The third reading of the golf cart ordinance was done and adopted. It was amended to change the requirement for license plates from front and rear to just a rear license plate, per the change in Ohio law as of July 1, 2020.

Council approved a resolution setting the speed limit in alleys within the village at 15 mph, per Ohio Revised Code. The county engineer will be contacted for the necessary signage and installation of signs and needed poles.

The green house number signs were still being prepared by the Kettlersville Van Buren Township Volunteer Fire Department. Mayor Eric Kaminsky will be notified when they are available for delivery.

The village solicitor has sent a resident with chickens, in violation of village ordinance, a letter outlining steps to remove the chickens or fines will be levied. The family was given a deadline to comply.

The individual who applied for the fiscal officer position was present and observed the meeting. The current fiscal officer is planning on retiring at the end of 2020. Council was given the opportunity to ask questions.

In new business, a resident will be sent a letter regarding dead tree limbs that pose a danger and need to be removed.

The sheriff will be contacted regarding a vehicle displaying an expired registration sticker.

One zoning permit for a wood storage overhang was approved.