Shelby County in Top 10 list for most COVID-19 spread in Ohio

State releases COVID-19 rankings

COLUMBUS — Six of the top 10 Ohio counties with the highest occurrence of COVID-19 per population are in the local region.

Gov. Mike DeWine, during his Tuesday’s press conference, said the top 10 counties are all rural areas in the state. Local counties on the list include Mercer, first; Darke, second; Preble,fifth; Shelby, sixth; Champaign, ninth; and Auglaize, 10th.

The ranking is based on cases per 100,000 people from Aug. 4-17; case count for the two-week period and county population.

Local county rankings:

• Mercer, 245.3 per 100,000 people from Aug. 4-17; 101 cases for the two-week period; population of 41,172

• Darke, 207.4 cases per 100,000; 106 cases for the two-week period; population of 51,113

• Preble, 159 cases per 100,000; 65 cases for the two-week period; population of 40,882

• Shelby, 137.9 cases per 100,000; 67 cases for the two-week period; population of 48,590

• Champaign, 113.2 cases per 100,000; 44 cases for the two-week period; population of 38,886

• Auglaize, 109. cases per 100,000; 50 cases for the two-week period; population of 45,656

Since the pandemic began, Shelby County has reported 268 positive COVID=19 cases which includes four deaths, 95 people who have not recovered and 169 who have recovered. One new case was reported today and that is a man in his 50s.

Auglaize County is reporting 342 cases of COVID-19. There have been eight deaths, 34 people hospitalized and 262 who have recovered from the virus.

New cases reported are 339th case is a 70-year-old woman isolating at home, 340th case is a 59-year-old woman isolating at home, 341st case is a 65 -year-old man isolating at home, and the 342nd case is a probable 36-year-old man quarantining at home.

The new death reported Tuesday is a man between the ages of 70 – 90 that was a confirmed COVID-19 case.

Miami County Public Health has 927 positive cases with the addition of 1 new case. Miami County has had 95 total hospitalizations, and 40 deaths. There are 710 people who are presumed recovered from the virus.

The Darke County General Health District reported the county has 479 positive cases with 53 hospitalizations. There have been 31 deaths, and 354 people have recovered. There are 94 active cases.

Logan County has had 191 positive cases of COVID-19. There are 125 recovered cases, 64 active cases and six current hospitalizations. Two people have died in the county.

In Tuesday’s update from the state, it was announced Ohio has 109,923 cases of COVID-19. Of those cases, 12,436 have been hospitalized with 2,805 admitted to the ICU. There have been 3,871 deaths related to COVID-19 in Ohio.

Of the positive cases, 52% are women and 48% are men. The median age is 42. The age range of those testing posting is less than 1 year old to 109 years of age.
State releases COVID-19 rankings