ZBA approves 2 requests

By Sheryl Roadcap - sroadcap@sidneydailynews.com

SIDNEY — A conditional use permit and a variance request were approved by the Sidney Zoning Board of Appeals aduring its Monday hybrid-style teleconference meeting.

The board OK’d the request of James and Lori Frye for a conditional use permit to allow more than 1,000-cumulative-square-feet of accessory structures at 520 Arrowhead Drive. The property is in the R-1, single family residence district.

Barbara Dulworth, community development director, said the zoning code limits the square footage of accessory uses, buildings, and structures to no more than 60% of the ground floor area of the principal structure, not to exceed 1,000-square-feet. A conditional use permit allows square footage over 1,000-square-feet.

Dulworth told the board the subject property is a single family residence on one lot with a total acreage of approximately 26,678 square feet, or 0.612 acres. There is an existing 12-foot by 12-foot accessory building on the property as well as a 42-foot by 16-foot in-ground pool. The Fryes wish to construct a 16-foot by 14-foot pavilion. With the proposed and existing accessory structure, the total accessory structure square footage is 1,040-square-feet.

A conditional use permit may be granted for square footage up to 1,250-square-feet, she said, when the property is greater than 21,780 square feet (1/2 acre); the accessory structures meet the minimum setback requirements for the zoning district; and the cumulative accessory structure square footage does not exceed 80% of the ground floor area of the principal structure.

The residence has a first floor square footage of 1490 square feet, so, Dulworth said, the proposed accessory square footage would be 70% of the residence. In this case, the existing and proposed structures meet the conditions required, and the proposed structure is in compliance with all zoning code requirements.

Also Monday, the board voted to approve the request of Tony Bornhorst, on behalf of Shelby County Commissioners, for a variance to allow an 8-foot-tall fence at the Shelby County Fairgrounds.

The fairgrounds currently has both 7 foot and 8 foot chain link fences in various locations, Dulworth noted. After the vacation of an alley right-of-way on the north side of the fairgrounds, between Highland Avenue and Montrose Avenue, new fencing has been installed to include the area of the vacated right-of-way and other property acquired by the county.

Most of the newly installed fence is 7 feet, and replaces fencing that was 8 feet with barbed wire, Dulworth said. The one area that the commissioners requested for the continuation of the 8 foot fence is approximately 17 feet across the vacated alley, to match existing fencing to the west.

Dulworth recommended approving the variance request. She said it is appropriate due to the unique use of the property and the existence of 8-foot-high fencing, which the new fence matches.

By Sheryl Roadcap


Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.