Talks continues on non-traditional vehicles

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By Sheryl Roadcap -

SIDNEY — Discussions continued on the use of non-traditional vehicles on Sidney public streets during Sidney City Council’s Monday evening hybrid-style teleconference meeting.

Police Chief Will Balling again led the discussion and presented council with an ordinance which would allow golf carts, utility vehicles and low-speed vehicles on city streets. City Council began considering the topic at its July 13 meeting after receiving requests for these vehicles to be permitted on Sidney roads. Currently Sidney does not have an ordinance allowing them on public streets.

During Monday’s discussion, council considered whether to limit these vehicles to golf carts only, but the end consensus was to allow various types of low speed, under-speed or utility vehicle or mini-trucks at a speed limit no greater than 35 miles per hour. The vehicles will be required to pass inspections, carry insurance and have licence plates.

The ordinance does not permit these vehicles on any interstate highway, limited access highway; or on any of the following streets, including: Campbell Road; Court Street; Fair Road; Fourth Avenue; the 900 block of North Main Avenue, southward; Michigan Street; North Street; Ohio Avenue; Riverside Drive; Russell Road; St. Marys Avenue; Vandemark Road; and, Wapakoneta Avenue. Such vehicles are permitted to be operated on the afore-mentioned streets only if used while in the direct performance of commercial, industrial, agricultural, school or municipal/governmental purpose and for no other purpose.

When considering routes, members agreed to alter the original plan to allow them on Russell Road between Broadway Avenue and Port Jefferson Road so that it would be easier to reach a potential destination. The concern is that drivers may be tempted to enter onto the Moose’s private property to get around that area.

The ordinance will return for further consideration on Sept. 14.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.

By Sheryl Roadcap