Fill out your Census form today

By Julie Ehemann - Guest columnist

Have you filled out your 2020 Census? The Census shapes how Ohio and your local community will spend money and operate for the next 10 years. Federal funds, grants and support to communities are based on population totals and demographic breakdown. This means that an accurate count assures our area receives necessary dollars to fund roads, schools, and other infrastructure.

The Census also determines representation at the federal level. It is estimated that decreasing populations in Ohio will result in one less representative in Congress. That is one less person to speak on our behalf determining policy that affects us on many levels!

Census forms were delivered to homes starting in mid-March. If you have not yet completed your form, it is easy! Forms can be filled out online, via phone or by mail. For those persons that do not complete their form, official census takers (enumerators) are currently visiting homes to ask questions necessary to fill out the census. Census questions are very simple. The Census taker will ask how many persons live in the home. They will ask for names and birthdays of everyone residing in the home. The whole process will take about ten minutes.

It is important everyone in your household is counted. Babies should be counted as long as they were born on or before April 1. If children live in two households, they should be counted at the location where they spend most of their time.

Shelby County currently has a self-response rate of 73.2%. We can and MUST do better! The Census count will stop September 30th to allow for the Census data processing to be completed by the statutory deadline of December 31, 2020.

Fill out your Census form today! It’s Important! It’s easy! It’s safe! Help ensure Shelby County is counted!

By Julie Ehemann

Guest columnist

The writer is a Sheelby County commissioner.

The writer is a Sheelby County commissioner.