Kettlersville contacts residents about weeds, other issues

KETTLERSVILLE – The Kettlersville Village Council heard about a damaged tree, issues with weeds and more during its Sept. 1 meeting.

Property owners with sidewalks were sent a postcard reminding them of village ordinance 00-03, which requires the removal of offensive or noxious weeds, vines or grass in curbing and gutters.

Council had a discussion about letters that were sent to residents about chickens, tree removal, and weed and grass issues.

The tree that was damaged in a windstorm at the village park has been removed. The shelter house roof needs to be covered.

Alley speed limit signs have been installed between state Route 274 and North Street.

Green house number signs are being prepared by the Kettlersville Van Buren Township Volunteer Fire Department.

In new business, insurance options for the village were discussed with a new quote to be reviewed at the October meeting.

One permit was issued for the construction of a two-story, three-car garage.

A resolution accepting the amounts and rates for the budget commission as set by the county auditor was approved.

Council went into executive session to discuss personnel. No action was taken after the executive session was adjourned and council returned to the regular session.