Ohio Wesleyan welcomes new students into Schubert Honors Program

DELAWARE – Ohio Wesleyan University welcomed more than 130 first- and second-year students into its Leland F. and Helen Schubert Honors Program.

To be invited to join the selective program, incoming students are required to have a minimum 3.6 high school GPA when admitted to the university. Second-year students must have achieved at least a 3.5 GPA while at Ohio Wesleyan.

Local students admitted into the Honors Program this fall include Peytan Jenkins, of Quincy, and Kyle Lucas, of New Bremen.

The honors program provides students with a mentored pathway through their studies to help them develop skills in creative inquiry, pursue advanced topics within and across academic disciplines, and master complex analytical and research skills.

Ohio Wesleyan’s four-year honors program culminates in an honors independent research or creative project under the mentorship of a faculty member in each student’s area of academic interest.

The project includes a written report, creative work or written reflection. An examining committee evaluates the work and gives students an oral examination of the project to determine if their work merits the diploma designation of Graduation with Honors.

To learn more about Ohio Wesleyan’s Leland F. and Helen Schubert Honors Program, visit www.owu.edu/honors.