Board of Health discusses COVID-19

By Paula Frew - For the Sidney Daily News

Sidney—At the September Sidney-Shelby County Board of Health meeting it was announced that there were 233 cases of COVID-19 in August, and 83 were traced. The reason more were not traced is because some people were not willing to divulge their contacts.

The Department of Health is working closely with the schools to keep students safe from COVID-19. Schools must report all positive tests. Labs must report within 24 hours. The Department of Health is closely following all CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommendations.

The Board passed the hiring of three new employees: Ashley Russell, clerical specialist, Eileen Ferree, clerical specialist, and Kristen Heitman, RN, public health nurse 1.

One property was ordered to remain vacant.

The next Board of Health meeting will be held virtually or by phone on Oct. 21 at 7 p.m.

By Paula Frew

For the Sidney Daily News