Tree Board discusses Tree City Luncheons

SIDNEY — The 2020 and 2021 Tree City USA Awards Luncheon were discussed, along with other routine business, at the Oct. 15 Tree Board meeting.

The meeting was held by a hybrid method, with board members in attendance in council chambers and others able to join virtually.

According to meeting minutes, board members discussed the 2020 Tree City USA Awards Luncheon, which was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic. They are talked about the 2021 awards luncheon being hosted by Montgomery County on April 23, 2021. The city of Sidney Tree Board will participate, at some level, as a co-host, yet to be determined.

Street Manager/ISA Certified Arborist Brian Green is to give to Montgomery County the coasters the city of Sidney had planned to use at the 2020 celebration for their use.

Green thought thc city has 20 to 30 seedlings left. Board member Ross Moore gave an estimate of $1.50 value each. Green will ask Duane Gaier, parks and recreation director, if the parks or city could use them somewhere. If not, Green will ask city employees.

As part of new business, the following topics were discussed:

• COVID-19 protocol for meetings. Future meetings will continue to follow hybrid protocol until the end of the declared emergency.

• Fall tree planting. The project was bid out and awarded to the lowest bidder. Green asked members to provide location suggestions for the 2021 tree planting program.

• The Tree City Program. Green will be working on details.

• Bicentennial tree planting. Board member Anne Sharp thanked the Board members who attended the ceremony. Weigandt Landscaping is planting the trees at the schools and park at no charge.

• Stump and tree removal. – Green shared the city will grind up tree stumps on trees removed within the last two years. The city of Sidney is to remove eight to 10 more ash trees in 2020.

• Mailing versus emailing meeting agendas. Members agreed agenda packets could be emailed out versus regular mail.

Board members Rick Steenrod and Michael Jannides were absent and were excused by the board.