Auglaize County turns red on COVID-19 map

WAPAKONETA — Auglaize County is now at a Level 3 (red) status in the Ohio Department of Health’s Public Health Advisory System. Shelby County remains orange.

“This information was relayed to me this (Thursday) morning from Director Lance Himes of the Ohio Department of Health. The change is status from Level 2 to Level 3 was based on a data review and Auglaize County meeting four of the seven indicators of the advisory system,” said Health Commissioner Oliver Fisher..

Below is a summary of the indicators for Auglaize County:

• New cases per capita (495.0 cases per 100,000 residents)

• Sustained increase in new cases (13.9 average cases on Oct. 8 to 23.3 by Oct. 23)

• Proportion of cases not in a congregate setting

• Sustained increase in outpatient visits (2.3 average visits on Oct. 13 to 6.0 on Oct. 27)

A Level 3 status indicates there is a very high exposure and spread of COVID-19, said Fisher. The public should limit activities as much as possible, and follow all current health orders.

With this transition in Advisory Levels and the sudden spike in cases, the Auglaize County Health Department urges all county residents to increase their observance of the safety protocols so that we can decrease our cases and protect each other.

• Wear a mask when you are out in public, and any time when you cannot social distance.

• Social distance

• Wash your hands or sanitize often

• Stay home if you are not feeling well

• Reconsider hosting or attending gatherings/events of any size; Auglaize County is a high incidence county and second in the state of Highest Cases per Capita.

“If we can work together in practicing these safety measures, we will get through this surge and avoid any further state orders,” said Fisher.

Area nursing homes saw a slight increase in COVID-19 cases according to the weekly report from the Ohio Department of Health.

In Shelby County, two new resident and four staff cases were reported. Ohio Living Dorothy Love has one new resident and two staff cases, while The Landings also has one new resident and two new staff cases

In Auglaize County, five resident and six staff cases were reported at Elmwood Assisted Living of New Bremen. Heritage Center Intermediate Care facility reported 11 resident and three staff case, while Heritage Center Nursing Home reported 20 resident and seven staff cases.

One new resident and one new staff case were reported at Cridersville Healthcare Center.

The Ohio Department of Health also released information about schools and positive virus cases among students and staff.

In Shelby County, both Anna and Botkins schools are reporting one new student and one new staff case. Anna has a total of five students and four staff members who have tested positive. Botkins has two students and one staff member who have tested positive since school began.

Lehman Catholic High School has two new student cases for a total of 13 students testing positive. Russia has one new student testing positive, for a total of five students, and one new staff member for a total of two staff members.

Sidney City Schools has one new student case for a total of six students, according to the state data. Tiffany Rank, communications director, said there are two additional cases at Sidney High School with 34 people in quarantine. She said there are no other positive cases in the district.

In Auglaize County, Minster Local School has one new student case, along with one staff member testing positive. St. Marys has one new student case for a cumulative total of 11 students, and two staff members for a total of six staff members testing positive. Wapakoneta City Schools has two new student cases, for a cumulative total of 15 students and one new staff member, to a total of five.

Versailles Exempted Schools has one new case among its students for a total of three cases.

Forty-five new COVID-19 cases were reported Wednesday evening by the Sidney-Shelby County Health Department. There have been a total of 990 positive cases reported in the county.

The new Shelby County cases involve two girls in the 0-9 age group, one girl in the 10-19 age group, three women and three men in their 20s, two women and two men in their 30s, three women and three men in their 40s, eight women and four men and their 50s, four women and four men in their 60s and three women, one woman and four men in their 70s and one woman in her 90s.

The county has had 14 COVID-19 deaths involving one woman in her 40s, one woman in her 50s, one man in his 60s, one man in his 70s, three men and two women in their 80s, three men in their 90s, and a man and a woman in their 100s.

As of Monday, 774 Shelby County residents have recovered, and 202 have not recovered. Currently, five Shelby County residents are hospitalized because of COVID-19.

Of those who have tested positive, 11% are first responders/health care workers.

Breakdown of cases by zip codes includes: 568 cases for Sidney (45365), Anna (45302) 95 cases, Botkins (45306) 34 cases, Conover (45317) three cases, Fort Loramie/Newport (45845) 90 cases, Houston (45333) 26 cases, Jackson Center (45334) 28 cases, New Bremen (45869) three cases, New Knoxville (45871) seven cases, Maplewood (45340) 14 cases, Minster (45865) 34 cases, Pemberton (45353) one case, Piqua (45356) 16 cases, Port Jefferson (45360) five cases, one case in Jackson Township and Russia (45363) 66 cases.

The Auglaize County Health Department has reported 23 new casesy. The county has 1,255 total cases with 1,054 confirmed and 201 probable cases. The health department didn’t release the gender or ages of the new cases.

There are 81 hospitalizations and 14 deaths in the county with three nonCOVID deaths. Of those who have tested positive with the virus, 737 are women and 518 are men. The average age is 50, A total of 801 are recovered with nine presumed recovered.

There are 426 current cases.

Total cases include 21 people in the 0-10 age range, 104 in the 10-20 age range, 149 in the 20-30 age range, 177 in the 30-40 age range, 146 in the 40-50 age range, 214 in the 50-60 age range, 176 in the 60-70 age range, 140 in the 70-80 age range, 87 in the 80-90 age range, 39 in the 90-100 age range and two cases in the 100-110 age range.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, broken down by geographical area based upon the cases’ mailing address, Auglaize County Health Department has reported 369 cases in St. Marys, 424 cases in Wapakoneta, 194 cases in Minster, 135 cases in New Bremen, 53 cases in Cridersville, 33 cases in Waynesfield, four cases in Botkins, 24 cases in New Knoxville, two cases in New Hampshire, three cases in Uniopolis, two cases in Lakeview, three in St. Johns, two cases in Buckland, four cases in Spencerville, one case in Mendon and two cases in Lima.

Miami County Public Health reports there are 2.196 cases in the county, which includes 44 new cases. Total hospitalizations are 189, which includes four new ones. There have been 58 deaths. A total of 1,680 people are presumed recovered.

The Darke County Health Department reported there are 1,289 positive cases in the county, with 1,226 confirmed and 43 probable cases. There are 159 active cases, which includes 48 new cases. There have been 49 COVID-19 deaths with 45 confirmed and four probable. The cumulative hospitalizations is 109 people. The total number of those who have recovered is 1,052.

In Thursday’s update from the state, it was announced Ohio has 193,451 confirmed cases of COVID-19; 11,896 CDC expanded case definition (probable); and 205,347 total cases. Of those cases, 18,606 have been hospitalized with 3,790 admitted to the ICU. There have been 4,944 confirmed deaths due to COVID; 312 probable deaths; for a total of 5,256 deaths in Ohio. A total of 165,302 residents are presumed recovered.

Of the positive cases, 52% are women and 47% are men. The median age is 41. The age range of those testing positive is less than 1 year old to 109 years of age.