Bucio reinstated, joins Dayton law firm

By Jim Painter - For the Sidney Daily News



SIDNEY – Former suspended Sidney attorney Christopher Bucio has been reinstated and is practicing law with a Dayton firm.

In January 2017, Bucio was suspended for two years with 12 months stayed. The move indicated Bucio could not seek reinstatement until Nov. 30, 2019. The suspension involved the sale of land in lieu of payment of professional service.

Bucio has joined the criminal defense and immigration law firm of Bradley and Associates in Dayton concentrating on criminal defense, immigration and personal injury.

Bucio says re-establishing public trust is multi-faceted and utmost important. He said, in part, “Returning to law was not necessarily an easy decision for me and my family. However I strongly believe one of the main strengths God gave me is the ability to defend others. I have never prosecuted anyone. In fact doing so would be unnatural to me. Since I was a young kid I have defended the rights of others, especially those of less fortunate backgrounds. This is what comes natural to me and practicing law gives me the opportunity to do so and is the reason I am returning.

He continued, “Personally I believe when it comes to re-establishing public trust actions speak louder than words. When things got rough my wife and I did not move away. Instead we chose to put our children before our pride. Although ashamed, we decided the best interest of our children was to keep them surrounded by support; which included their family, school and church community.

“During my time away from law I volunteered in my children’s activities, youth sports and church events. I engrossed myself in self-improvement books and began fellowshipping with men of honor. I chose to not hide, but instead be open to everyone in the community regarding the past mistakes that lead to my fall. With or without law I am content where I am and very grateful for those who stood by me and helped lead my recovery.

Bucio accepts one pro bono case month and can be reached at e-mail at chris@chrisbuciolaw.com. His website is located at www.chrisbuciolaw.com.


By Jim Painter

For the Sidney Daily News

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.