Board certifies 2020 general election results

By Kyle Shaner - [email protected]

SIDNEY – More than 75% of registered Shelby County voters participated in the 2020 general election with 25,450 ballots certified Monday by the Shelby County Board of Elections.

Of the 32,839 registered voters in the county, 77.5% voted in the general election with 10,314 votes cast on Election Day, 8,546 votes cast through absentee in-person voting, 6,108 votes cast through absentee mail-in voting and 482 accepted provisional ballots.

There were 146 provisional ballots that were rejected. Eighty people who cast provisional ballots were not registered to vote, 52 people previously were purged from registration lists because of inactivity in voting, eight people didn’t provide identification, two people voted at the wrong precinct, and one person didn’t provide a signature.

Two provisional ballots were rejected because the voters also voted absentee – one by mail and one early in person. Those two cases will be sent to the county prosecutor for review to determine if the voters committed fraud.

One person who cast a provisional ballot because their name wasn’t in the poll book put their ballot into the counting machine on Election Day. The voter ultimately was determined to be eligible to vote, but additional training will be needed to ensure provisional ballots are kept separate from other ballots until their status can be verified.

Two voters who provided dates of birth that didn’t match voter records were able to provide identification verifying their identities, and their provisional ballots were accepted Monday.

None of the unofficial election results were altered by the addition of the provisional ballots when votes were certified.

Republican Donald Trump received 20,423 votes for the presidency, 80.74%, while Democrat Joe Biden received 4,465 votes, 17.65%.

In the 4th District Congressional race, Republican Jim Jordan received 20,484 votes, 82.2%, while Democrat Shannon Freshour received 3,926 votes, 15.76%.

Republican Matt Huffman received 19,827 votes, 83.05%, while Democrat Ken Poling received 4,047 votes, 16.95%, in the 12th District state senate race.

Republican Susan Manchester received 9,095 votes, 87.56%, in the 84th District state representative race while Democrat Joseph Monbeck received 1,292 votes, 12.44%.

Republican Nino Vitale received 11,437 votes, 95.11%, in the 85th District state representative race. Ted Greek, a Democrat who ran as a write-in candidate, received 457 votes, 3.80%.

Each of the county level races were uncontested.

Republican Tony Bornhorst received 20,947 votes in his county commissioner race while fellow Republican Bob Guillozet received 20,492 votes.

Republican Timothy Sell received 21,149 votes for county prosecutor, Republican Michele Mumford received 21,186 votes for clerk of Common Pleas Court, Republican Jim Frye received 21,219 votes for sheriff, Democrat Jodi Siegel received 15,185 votes as recorder, Republican John Coffield received 20,895 votes for treasurer, Democrat Bob Geuy received 15,252 votes as engineer, and Republican Andrew McDonald received 20,645 votes as coroner.

Jeffrey J. Beigel received 19,877 votes to be the county’s Court of Common Pleas judge.

Diana Fessler, running unopposed for the state board of education, received 16,486 votes.

Sharon L. Kennedy garnered 15,305 votes, 70.56%, in a state supreme court race against John P. O’Donnell, who received 6,386 votes, 29.44%.

In the other supreme court race, Judi French received 12,728 votes, 60.24%, while Jennifer Brunner received 8,401 votes, 39.76%.

Mark C. Miller, running unopposed for 3rd District Court of Appeals, received 17,965 votes.

The Lockington village levy had 51 votes in favor, 63.75%, and 29 votes against the levy, 36.25%.

The Fort Loramie village levy had 763 votes in support, 82.58%, and 161 votes against, 17.42%.

The Port Jefferson village levy had 99 votes in favor, 66.44%, and 50 opposed, 33.56%.

Dinsmore Township’s levy had 1,167 votes in favor, 60.91%, and 749 opposed, 39.09%.

The Franklin Township levy had 769 votes in support, 58.70%, and 541 votes against it, 41.30%.

Jackson Township’s levy had 710 votes for the levy, 56.08%, and 556 against it, 43.92%.

The Loramie Township levy had 854 votes in favor, 72.99%, and 316 opposed, 27.01%.

Van Buren Township’s levy had 841 votes in support, 68.82% and 381 votes against, 31.18%.

The Anna Local School District levy had 1,858 votes in favor, 60.40%, and 1,218 against, 39.60%.

The Graham Local School District levy had thee votes in favor, 60%, and two opposed, 40%.

The Miami Valley Career Technology Vocational School District Levy had four votes in support, 80%, and one opposed, 20%.

The Sidney City School District levy failed with 4,372 votes in favor, 39.28%, and 6,757 votes against it, 60.72%.

The Loramie Township Fire levy passed with 3,139 votes in support, 80.22%, and 774 opposed, 19.78%.

The Shelby County Board of Elections will host a meeting and audit of the 2020 general election at 10 a.m. Nov. 23 at the Board of Elections office, 230 E. Court St. in Sidney. The meeting and audit are open to the public.

The audit will include the presidential election, the Brunner-French Supreme Court race and Bornhorst’s commissioner race. The precincts to be audited include Sidney 4-C, Green Township and Salem West.

Along with the audit, the board will receive updates on grants and will discuss its budget for the upcoming year.

By Kyle Shaner

[email protected]

Reach the writer at [email protected] or 937-538-4824.

Reach the writer at [email protected] or 937-538-4824.