Council appoints new fiscal officer

KETTLERSVILLE — A new fiscal officer was appointed by the Kettlersville Village Council during its Nov. 3, 2020, meeting.

Sara Lammers will begin her new job on Jan. 1, 2021. The salary for 2020 for established.

In other busienss, council:

• Resident with chickens: No action taken as resident’s attorney has not responded as of the meeting to the village attorney.

• Public records: Mayor Eric Kaminsky presented a draft for council to review regarding a public records policy. A request form is being developed.

• Park shelter: Council authorized the purchase of materials to cover the damaged portion of the park shelter roof.

• Village insurance: Council voted to accept a proposal from the Public Entities Pool (PEP) of Ohio for insurance coverage. The cost was comparable to the current insurance carrier, but the PEP plan offered more coverage and a lower deductible, among other benefits. Mayor Kaminsky was to complete the necessary paperwork.

• Streetlight outages: Two reported outages have been repaired. Another outage was reported, and the mayor will contact Miami Valley Lighting.

• Health Department. nuisance complaint: a complaint was filed, and the Health Department has contacted the property owner regarding the situation.

• Street light replacement: With a growing number of street light outages in the past year, the mayor suggested Council consider replacing the current lights with LED lights in 2021. The estimated cost is about $2,000. Council to consider the investment when formulating the 2021 budget.

• Resolution from the North Central Ohio Solid Waste District: Council was asked to pass a resolution regarding the abolishment/repeal of the generation fee currently being charged by the District. No action was taken. Mayor to contact the District for more information and the matter will be considered at the December meeting.