Hospice patient attends granddaughter’s wedding virtually

TROY — When Rudy Schneider was admitted as a patient with Ohio’s Hospice of Miami County, his daughter, Cheryl Herbe, mentioned that her daughter, Maddie, was getting married soon. The family wanted him to join the wedding, even if he could only attend virtually. So, the care team at Ohio’s Hospice of Miami County made it their goal to help him attend his granddaughter’s wedding.

“We discussed ways for him to be able to watch the wedding virtually,” said Stacy Nicley, RN care manager with Ohio’s Hospice of Miami County. “While visiting with Rudy one day, we started talking about the wedding. I mentioned T-shirts that look like a tuxedo, and we looked at them online. He wanted to get a tuxedo T-shirt!”

Schneider’s excitement for the wedding had the Ohio’s Hospice team jumping into action. In addition to Nicley, Schneider’s care team includes Jennifer Rue, medical social worker; Ed Ellis, chaplain, Andrea Arnett, personal care specialist; and Cheyenne Winsler, personal care specialist. His care team ordered him a tuxedo T-shirt and a boutonnière. The care team also helped Schneider purchase a Christmas ornament to give his granddaughter as a wedding gift.

“Ohio’s Hospice of Miami County made such a special day for us,” Herbe said. “They went all out. It was the happiest day, because they were able to help him be there.”

On the day of his granddaughter’s wedding ceremony, Winsler helped Schneider get ready for the big event, and she also assisted him with joining the video call. He arrived on the video call wearing his tuxedo T-shirt.

“We thought he’d be there for 45 minutes for the ceremony, but he stayed on the video call an additional 45 minutes to be there through pictures. Everyone got to say hi to him,” Herbe said. “So, he felt like he was really there,” Herbe said.

Herbe said her father still talks about the ceremony and his tuxedo T-shirt.

“He is so happy he got to be a part of the wedding,” she said.

Nicley and the care team were grateful for the privilege of helping Schneider be able to attend his granddaughter’s wedding.

“He was so very excited for this occasion, and we were blessed to be able to be involved,” Nicley said. “It really was a team effort. It is hard to put into words how heartwarming this was.”

Herbe said her daughter and Schneider, ‘Poppy,’ are extremely close, and many tears were shed when they weren’t sure if he was going to be able to attend the ceremony.