Commissioners award veterans transportation hub project

SIDNEY – The Shelby County commissioners awarded the veterans transportation hub project to Westerheide Construction, Inc., with a contract amount of $178,700.34, among their recent actions.

The commissioners opened three bids for the veterans services transportation hub project on Nov. 10 and awarded the contract to Westerheide Construction on Nov. 17.

They transferred $162,412.37 sales tax revenue from the General Fund to Engineer’s Fund and transferred $162,412.37 sales tax revenue from General Fund to Capital Improvement Fund on Nov. 24.

They approved payment of weekly expenditures totaling $516,039.18 on Nov. 5, $527,587.29 on Nov. 12, $22,613.75 on Nov. 17, $1,124,782.36 on Nov. 19 and $1,432,086.20 on Nov. 24.