SCS Board of Education OKs settlement

SIDNEY — An agreement between the Sidney City Schools Board of Education and a former principal in the district was approved Monday night during a special board of education meeting.

According to Treasurer Mike Watkins, the agreement comes as a result of the reduction in force action taken in May by the board of education. The agreement stems from the RIF which moved Longfellow Principal Fran Dembski back to the classroom as a teacher.

“She enlisted the aid of an attorney,” said Watkins. “She thought she would receive her principal’s salary through the end of her contract. “

When the RIF was approved, said Watkins, Dembski was moved to the teacher salary schedule, which was less than what she received as a principal.

“We believed if we went to court we would win,” said Watkins. “But it would have cost the district more than if we settled out of court.”

The agreement calls for Dembski to receive $7,000 a year for the final two years of her contract plus her teacher’s salary for the same period of time.

“Included in the agreement, Fran agreed to waive her recall right if a principal’s position opens up in the district,” said Watkins.

The agreement calls for Dembski to resign her position as principal and waive the right of recall.