Out of the past

125 Years

January 13, 1896

An explosion of natural gas did considerable damage at the home of Mrs. Minerva Johnston this morning. The gas stove had gone out after being lit earlier, and when Mrs. Johnston went to light it the second time, the explosion occurred. She was blown across the room, but was not seriously hurt.


The Northern Pacific company palace car exhibit arrived in this city this morning and stood on the side track near the C.H. & D. depot all day. Hundreds of people visited the car, including the schools that turned out in a body to see the exhibit and all were well repaid for their trouble. The car is a veritable palace on wheels, with every article on display coming from the six states traversed by the railroad, Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho, Washington, Montana, and Oregon.

100 Years

January 13, 1921

Dr. H.E. Beebe was elected president when the directors of the Citizens National Bank named officers at their annual meeting yesterday afternoon. J.N. Vandemark was elected vice president, and W.A. Graham, cashier. Other directors are: Ben B. Amann, J.D. Barnes, C.B. DeWeese, and S.E. Scherer.


At the annual meeting of shareholders of the First National Exchange Bank yesterday. W.H. Wagner was named president, L.M. Studevant, vice president; J.C. Cummins, cashier, with directors, R.H. Trego, W.M. Kingseed, A.J. Hess, J.E. Russell, I.H. Thedieck, and W.T. Amos.


The Knupp Automotive Co., dealing in automobiles and accessories, and Knupp’s Garage, repairs and service, have been merged with both businesses being conducted under the name of the Knupp Automotive Co. It will be under the management of Ervin Knupp.

75 Years

January 13, 1946

Approval of an $11,077 expenditure for the improvement of the Sunday school building and the manse was given by the congregation of the First Presbyterian Church at a congregational meeting held following the regular worship service yesterday morning. Wallace McClure, president of the board of trustees, and Ferd Freytag, architect, outlined the proposed improvements during the session.


Mayor W.W. Wheeler announced today the appointment of Mrs. Raleigh Taylor, 1001 Spruce street, as the new relief director for Sidney. Mrs. Taylor will succeed Mrs. James Sharp who has served in that capacity for the past several years. She will assume her duties within the next few days.

50 Years

January 13, 1971

It was announced at Wednesday’s meeting of the Sidney Kiwanis Club that a second Kiwanis club will be organized within the city for business and professional people who find they are unable to attend a noon meeting.

The new club will have its own officers and directors, and its own projects, but will cooperate with the noon club on various large undertakings, it was reported. No decision has been made as yet on a meeting time or day. This will be done at an organizational meeting to be held in the near future.


Mrs. Kenneth Ferguson was elected president of the Loyal Circle Class, Memorial United Methodist Church, when the group met Tuesday afternoon at the church social rooms.

Other officers elected include Mrs. Tom Miller, vice president and press reporter; Mrs. C.E. Fisher, secretary; and Mrs. Merton Hall, treasurer.

25 Years

January 13, 1996

WICHITA, Kan, (AP) – The widow of “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry says that when she dies she wants her ashes to join those of her late husband in deep space.

“Gene always wanted to go into space. That wasn’t possible while he was alive,” Majel Barrett-Roddenberry said.

“But in 1992 the beautiful space shuttle Columbia carried the ashes of Gene Roddenberry out into space.”


Shelby County township and county roads remained closed this morning as road crews continued clearing the latest snow accumulation.

“Twenty-two inches is the total accumulation of snow in Shelby County since last weekend,” estimated Theresa Douglas, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Transportation. “We estimate 3 inches in the last snowfall.”


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org

These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org