Why an Earned Income Tax was selected

Editor’s note: In the May 4 election, registered voters who reside in the Sidney City Schools District will be asked to approve a 0.75% Earned Income Tax levy. In the weeks leading up to the election, the Sidney Daily News will be publishing a question each week — provided by the school district — about the tax levy.

SIDNEY — Why did the Sidney City Schools Board of Education choose an Earned Income Tax as the method for securing necessary additional funding?

The board of education, treasurer and superintendent critically analyzed the district’s financial standing and studied various options for balancing the budget.

Having failed the 7.3 Mill Emergency Levy multiple times in 2020, Sidney City Schools Board of Education and administration sought feedback to guide their decisions. After sharing a digital survey with the community, assessing the responses, and further discussing options with members of our community, the board has reduced the amount it is asking for. It has also decided to ask the community to support a 0.75% Earned Income Tax instead of a property tax. Based on the makeup of the community, the Earned Income Tax was the most fiscally responsible option for its tax payers.

Ultimately, an income tax diversifies the school district’s revenue. Specifically, and Earned Income Tax will:

• Fluctuate as a resident’s income goes up or down

• Lessen the burden on senior citizens, many of whom are on a fixed income

• Spread the tax amongst all who live in the district and earn income rather than just those who own property

School districts with either a traditional or earned income tax are demonstrating:

• Financial stability for longer periods of time

• Longer periods between operating levies

• Ability to maintain and grow their current programming

• Ability to adjust to the changing economy

On Tuesday, May 4, 2021, Sidney City Schools will be asking voters to approve a 0.75% Earned Income Tax levy to generate $3.3 million a year to support the district’s operations.

More information about the Sidney City Schools levy can be found at www.sidneyschoolslevy.org.

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