Agreement to support Air Force program

DAYTON — Parallax Advanced Research signed a collaborative agreement with Idea Connection Systems (ICS) of Rochester, New York, to support the U.S. Air Force Academic Partnership Engagement Experiment (APEX) partnership intermediary program, which is managed by Parallax. ICS will provide a key suite of customized services to help transition and commercialize defense technology and boost collaboration among universities, businesses and the government.

ICS is a global innovation consulting firm with decades of experience helping organizations innovate by better understanding the dynamics of human interactions. Bob Rosenfeld, ICS founder and CEO, stood up corporate America’s first Office of Innovation in 1978 at Eastman Kodak, created an award-winning social innovation program named Mosaic Partnerships that reduces racial polarization in communities and is the inventor of Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator (ISPI), which helps organizations understand their individual and team innovation strengths, as well as their innovation culture.

has the mission to connect universities, businesses and the government, build collaborations between these sectors, identify transformational operational defense solutions and capabilities within these collaborations and advance U.S. Air Force defense technology development.

“Parallax working with ICS in support of will expand our innovation program and allow Parallax and to deepen ties with our clients and partners,” said Dennis Andersh, Parallax CEO.

“This collaboration offers our customers novel insight into how their teams function as individuals, as a group and across their organizations and larger ecosystem, which is crucial to improving the innovation process within large establishments,” said Mary Margaret Evans, executive director.

“The most critical issue that I have seen in organizations is understanding and applying the human dynamics that make innovation happen. Organizations must develop the skills and insights to understand the invisible human elements that are within all of us. Parallax leadership values this, thus together we will help the Department of Defense, academia and industry achieve innovation and its goals,” said Rosenfeld.