Non-traditional, low speed vehicles prohibited on roads

Violators will start being cited on May 1

SIDNEY — Low speed, non-traditional vehicles are not permitted to operate on Sidney city roadways. Violators will begin to be warned and then cited starting May 1.

“There are a number of misconceptions in the public that so long as a golf cart or other unconventional vehicle is ‘street legal’ it may be operated on public roadways, but that is simply not true,” said Police Chief Will Balling in a press release. “Under current Ohio law, authorization to operate a mini-truck, an under-speed vehicle, such as a golf cart, a low-speed vehicle or a utility vehicle on public roads is at the discretion of the local authority of each jurisdiction where the vehicle will be operated. In Sidney, City Council has not authorized the use of these type vehicles on city roadways.”

Sidney City Council considered legislation in 2020 to permit the use of certain non-traditional vehicles on public streets. The legislation was tabled in September 2020 and tabled indefinitely during the March 22, 2021, council meeting. As such, operation is illegal, the release said.

Sidney Police Officers will begin educating operators and providing them with a warning if found operating on city roadways.

On May 1, 2021, officers will begin citing individuals illegally operating these unconventional vehicles on city roadways.

Violators will start being cited on May 1