Tawawa Park set to welcome vehicle traffic April 17

SIDNEY — Tawawa Park is set to reopen to vehicular traffic Saturday morning, April 17.

“We’re excited about the revisions to the public health orders announced by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine earlier this week,” Sidney Parks and Recreation Director Duane Gaier said in a press release.

Based on data collected across the nation, parks and trails had a huge influx of people during the pandemic. They provided a safe place to go and enjoy family and friends, while social distancing, or could go by yourself to relax from the increased life stresses during this time, the release said. Parks are widely recognized as critical for health and wellness, reducing anxiety, stress, and depression and improving physical health — all the more necessary during this public health emergency.

“If one thing good comes out of this pandemic, we hope it’s the new habits of individuals and family’s spending more time together and the increased exercising in the parks,” Gaier said.

“Tawawa Park is scheduled to open to vehicular traffic at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 17, and park patrons will notice that all the picnic tables have been returned to the shelters,” Gaier continued. “We want to especially thank Bryce Realty and the Taylor Family for their help in readying the picnic tables by painting several of them this spring.”

While the tables will be returned and outside gatherings can again take place per these new guidelines, please follow the current health protocols at the time you have the shelter reserved.

Reservations for the shelters can be made by calling, 937-498-8155.