Police complete overdose investigation

SIDNEY — The Sidney Police Department has completed its investigation of an eighth-grade student’s overdose after allegedly being bullied at Sidney Middle School.

According to Capt Jerry Tangeman, the department was informed of the incident on April 14 2021, when a referral was made to the Sidney Police Department after Shelby County Children Services received information from Children’s Hospital, who is mandated reporters, that the youth was admitted for treatment due to an overdose of Tylenol. Early information received was that the youth may have taken the pills because of bullying acts committed upon him by students and teachers of the Sidney Middle School.

The Sidney Police Department has investigated the allegations and incident. The youth, family, friends and fellow students were interviewed as part of the investigation. There is no evidence or statements of facts collected that indicate the youth’s decision to consume the pills had anything to do with bullying or similar types of actions.

“Anytime an individual chooses to hurt themselves is tragic and very emotionally challenging for the individual, family, friends and the public,” Tangeman wrote in his press release. “More often than not, these emotions are very hard and complex to deal with. People deal with these emotions in different ways. Because the feelings can be overwhelming the emotions sometimes are directed towards persons or circumstances that are not actually the direct source of the problem.

“Please give respect to the youth and the youth’s family by giving them privacy,” he said.

The case has officially been closed.