Shelby County Jail roster back online

SIDNEY – The Shelby County Jail roster is back online along with additional features after the Sheriff’s Office began working with a new software company.

“I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but the delay was out of our hands,” Shelby County Sheriff James R. Frye said in a press release. “We have gone with Central Square Public Safety Suite to publish the jail roster. With going this route, we were able to save $6,000 and can control our own system and provide other additional options to the public, whereas with Justice Web we did not control the system and were at their mercy.”

To view the public safety suite, visit At the site, visitors can select various tabs such as inmates, submit a tip, extra patrol request, sheriff sales, sex offenders and citizen feedback.

To go directly to the jail roster, visit

“With Central Square Public Safety Suite, the information is up to date as you log in, where the old system was updated every two hours,” Frye said. “At this time we are importing the violent offenders (sex offenders) photos into the system, as they are not on the portal page. If you want to view the photos, you can still visit”

Anyone with questions, concerns or difficulties with the system may email Frye at [email protected] or call at 937-494-2117.