Fort Loramie Historical Association to present talk on Peter Loramie

FORT LORAMIE — Author Robert Kuck will explore the colorful and interesting life of Pierre-Louis de Lorimier (Peter Loramie) at a presentation on June 17 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Fort Loramie Elementary School.

Kuck recently wrote a historical fiction book on Lorimier that details his important role in the history of the country, including the establishment of his trading post in Fort Loramie, his friendship with the Shawnees and other Native American tribes, and his eventual move to Missouri where he founded the city of Cape Girardeau. Kuck’s talk on June 17 will feature a deeper and more intimate look at Lorimier than facts and figures provide and will be a personal introduction to a man who played an important role in Act One of U.S. history.

Along with Kuck’s presentation, there will be a display of artifacts found at the site of Lorimier’s store and Anthony Wayne’s fort, north of Fort Loramie.

Robert Kuck II is a native of New Knoxville who has had a lifelong interest in local history. He received his formal education at Heidelberg College and Ohio Wesleyan University. He began his career as a teacher at Marion Local High School before entering the real estate business. His interest in Lorimier was kindled when he found the location of Lorimier’s trading post with a metal detector. This led to a promise that he would learn who Lorimier was and write about him after retirement. For the past several years he has followed Lorimier’s faint trail thorough libraries, museums, journals and physical locations. That trail began in Quebec and led to Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri and Oklahoma, eventually resulting in his book titled “Blood and Honor – The Life and Times of Fur Trader Pierre-Louis de Lorimier.”

Kuck hopes to have books available for signing at his presentation on June 17. They will also be available for purchase at the Wilderness Trail Museum in Fort Loramie (open Sundays 1-4 p.m.), and can be ordered on the Historical Association’s web site,, and on