Free program offers two more opportunities in 2021 to develop healthier habits

DAYTON — The Area Agency on Aging will offer two more series of their popular Healthy U at Home program this year, beginning in early August and late September.

“This [online] workshop has jumpstarted and refocused my thinking around adjusting my lifestyle with healthier decision making (diet, exercise, stress), especially as I age. Through this process, I have become more mindful of the choices I make and the factors that are in my sphere of control, as well as how these choices and decisions will impact my long-term quality-of-life. I am grateful to have been a member of this group and plan to maintain a healthier me,” Springfield resident Jan Williams said.

The three programs help participants to better manage their chronic conditions, diabetes, or chronic pain. All three programs are offered as telephone discussion groups in each series, along with one of the programs offered online. Each format is offered weekly for six weeks.

Free materials are shipped to participants’ homes so that they can set personal goals, learn new skills, and take charge of their health. The abbreviated phone discussion groups last about an hour, and the Zoom workshops are about two hours long. Upcoming programs are listed on the agency website at

Contact Ann Finnicum at 937-567-0284 or [email protected] to register or discuss which program and format that would work best. Space is limited.