ACAA approves fuel price increase

By Sandy Rose Schwieterman - For the Sidney Daily News

NEW KNOXVILLE – Fuel prices are going up at the Neil Armstrong Airport, following a decision by the Auglaize County Airport Authority at their Tuesday night, July 13, meeting.

The ACAA approved a recommendation by Airport Manager Ted Bergstrom to raise 100LL fuel prices from $4.50 to $4.75 per gallon and Jet A fuel from $3.70 to $3.75 per gallon. The changes are to be made before the end of July. He pointed out that the new prices would still be below area averages.

Bergstrom also said demand for fuel is expected to increase, with signs of a strong regional business recovery, indicated by the arrival of six airplanes at the airport last week. Also, agricultural companies are expected to arrive to begin spraying crops very soon.

In other news, Bergstrom reported there were no injuries involved in an airplane accident at Hangar D at the airport on July 5. He said after the pilot had hand-propped the aircraft, the engine started again and the plane started moving on its own. The prop made contact hangar door, damaging the right wingtip enough that the plane could not be flown. The incident was reported to the Ohio Highway Patrol and the FFA.

The airport administrator reminded the group that the airport was hosting the annual Armstrong Museum Astronaut Gala on Saturday, July 17, at 6 p.m. Guests attending the event will have an opportunity to meet with retired NASA astronauts Greg Johnson and Michael Foreman as well as Apollo frogmen Mike Mallory, Clancy Hatleberg, Wes Chesser and John Wolfram. Ticket information can be found by contacting the museum Director of Donor Engagement at 419-738-8816.

Bergstrom also reported that the grand opening of the new airport terminal was well attended, with over 250 people attending the breakfast and 499 people participating in the Fly Me To The Moon 5K night run. The possibility of having an annual 5K was discussed, as well as other events.

The new FODBuster Sweeper ground rake was praised for its ability to quickly pick up debris on the airport grounds. Bergstrom said that it cleaned the entire area in only four hours and picked up the smallest objects, including a single edge razor blade left on a runway.

Also, work on Hangar F repairs have been delayed weather and supply shortages although the north side of the building has had its first primer coat. Additionally, bids are being sought to replace the windows of the hangar. Also, KSK Air in Hangar F was told by the airport manager that they will need to procure their own internet services as the company considers installing a video system in the building.

By Sandy Rose Schwieterman

For the Sidney Daily News

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.