Money for your fridge

DAYTON — Dayton Power and Light (DP&L), a subsidiary of The AES Corp., is offering residential customers the highest incentive ever — $100 total — for buying high efficiency Energy Star refrigerators and recycling their old refrigerators to save on energy costs.

DP&L is expanding its rebate program through October to reward customers with $50 for the purchase of:

• Energy Star-certified refrigerators.

• Energy Star-certified clothes washers.

• Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats (including learning thermostats, such as Nest).

All customers have to do is look for signs in retail outlets identifying appliances that qualify for the rebates. After purchasing the appliances, customers must submit an application either by mail or online. The rebates will be mailed to the customers’ homes. The program will last through October, or until funds are exhausted.

Energy Star appliances use advanced technologies that use 10-20 percent less energy than standard appliances, which helps save money and protect the environment.

“Household appliances account for about 13 percent of the average electrical bill, so the new higher-efficiency appliances provide an opportunity for real savings,” said Director of Operations Tom Tatham. “DP&L’s rebate programs can offset some of the purchase price of the new appliances, saving customers money for years to come while helping the environment.”

Customers who purchase an Energy Star refrigerator can qualify for an additional $50 by calling DP&L to pick up their old refrigerators for free. Almost 100 percent of the materials in the old appliances will be recycled, protecting the environment. For more information about recycling or to schedule a pick-up, visit

The rebate is part of DP&L’s ongoing Energy Efficiency programs that provide discounted energy-efficient light bulbs to customers at participating local retailers; help residents recycle old refrigerators and freezers and pay residents a rebate to install higher efficiency heating and air conditioning systems.

This article was submitted by Dayton Power and Light.