City residential electric aggregation supplier to change in December

SIDNEY — Participants in Sidney’s electric aggregation program will see a supplier change from Dynegy Energy to Energy Harbor, LLC. The change will start with the December 2021 meter reading cycle/January 2022 bills.

The change will also include a minimal rate increase from $0.0488/kWh to $0.0499/kWh. The new rate will be in effect for a 36-month-term, ending in December 2024.

“Electric supply rates in years past were $0.0529/kWh, so while the new rate is a marginal increase, we were comfortable that this was still a savings compared to previous residential rates offered through the city’s electric aggregation program,” said City Manager Mark Cundiff in a city of Sidney press release. “The city’s long term fixed rate approach provides our residents with rate certainty at a time where energy markets are extremely volatile, and prices are on the rise.”

New this year, the release said, is an opt-in program for those aggregation customers wishing to source their electric supply with fully renewable sources. Residents may choose to opt-in to this voluntary program. The rate for the 100% renewable source program is $0.0556/kWh.

Ohio law requires residents and eligible mercantile accounts be made aware of the contract rate change and a new round of opt-out notices will be sent to all eligible households and businesses currently participating in the city’s aggregation program and residents who are on AES’s default supply service. This will include those who have previously opted out of the program. The notices are expected to begin arriving in local mailboxes in mid-October.

Notices will not be sent to those eligible residents and mercantile accounts who currently receive their electric supply service as the result of exercising their ability to contract their own supplier/rate outside the aggregation program. Individuals on utility assistance programs may not allow retail electric supplier participation.

Residents wishing to remain in the city’s aggregation program may simply ignore the mailing. Those residents wishing to opt-in to the new 100% renewable source program will need to complete and return the enrollment form included with the notices.

Those residents wishing to shop for their own rate, or opt of the city’s program should complete and return the opt-out form included in the mailer.

Those individuals not receiving a notice, but interested in additional details about the city’s aggregation program should contact Energy Harbor, LLC at 866-636-3749. You will need your AES account number handy for the call.

Sidney voters approved both an electric and natural gas aggregation program during the November 2015 election. Since then, the city has been negotiating contracts with suppliers on behalf of residents.