Council approves lot split/repat request

OKs final plat of new subdivision’s phase I

By Sheryl Roadcap -

SIDNEY — A lot split and replat request on Fair Road, and also the final plat of phase I of the Burr Oak Subdivision, were approved by the Sidney City Council during its Monday evening meeting.

A resolution was adopted for the lot split and replat request of Britt Havenar, on behalf of Sherman and Deb Forest and Russell and Terri Baker, to split a property and then combine each half with the adjacent lot. The property is on the north-west side Fair Road between Highland Avenue and Campbell Road.

The lot split/replat is a two-part action, Barbara Dulworth, community service director told council, the first being the lot split to evenly divide part lots 797 and 798. The lot split includes a note that “tracts to be combined with adjacent tracts and replatted. No new lots being created.”

The second part is the replat, to combine the resulting tracts with the adjacent properties at 644 and 658 Fair Road. Once completed, two new lots will be created, with one lot having 0.368 acres, or 16,030 square feet; and the second lot having 0.331 acres, or 14,418 square feet. The resulting lots have one single family dwelling on each lot.

Also Monday, City Council adopted a resolution to accept the request of Choice One Engineering, on behalf of MSGA Development, for the final plat of the Burr Oak Subdivision phase I. The property is located north of Russell Road, west of St. Marys Avenue, and east and south of Interstate 75.

The subdivision includes five phases, with one through four being residential development, and Phase 5 being commercial development adjacent to St. Marys Avenue. A preliminary plat was approved at the June 21, Planning Commission meeting. This phase includes 54 new residential lots, which will be owned and maintained by the Home Owner’s Association (HOA), and five new streets.

Hoewisher Road, the thoroughfare through the subdivision, will extend north from the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Russell Road, with a right-of-way width of 80 feet, Dulworth said. The remaining four new streets are local streets with direct access to the lots and have a right-of-way width of 50 feet. Two new cul-de-sac streets intersect with Hoewisher Road, Castle Court to the south and Sir Sidney Court to the north of phase I. Nice Way connects Castle Court and Knights Way. Bishop Court intersects with Knights Way; it is stubbed at the northern boundary of phase I, and will be extended in phase II. The street width for Hoewisher Road in this phase will be 41 feet curb to curb with no on-street parking and the street width of the remaining streets will be 32 feet curb to curb with parking on one side.

Among other details, Dulworth said detention basins are located on private property and must be maintained by the HOA. The engineer’s estimate for development of the subdivision’s infrastructure was reviewed and approved and a surety for the amount of the estimate has been submitted and approved, she said.

During council member comments, Mayor Mike Barhorst reminded the public Trick or Treat in Sidney will be held on Sunday, Oct. 31, from 2 to 4 p.m. He also invited all to attend the Veterans’ Day ceremony on Nov. 11 at 11 a.m. on courtsquare; and congratulated city staff members who placed in the city’s annual Snow Plow & Transit Roadeo Thursday, Oct. 21.

Immediately prior to City Council’s regular meeting Monday, council held a special meeting to hold an executive session to consider the employment of a public employee. No action was taken after council members emerged from the session.

OKs final plat of new subdivision’s phase I

By Sheryl Roadcap