Office closed to public Election Night

SIDNEY — The Shelby County Board of Elections will be closed to the public on Election Night, Nov. 2.

According to Director Pam Kerrigan, the only people allowed in the office Tuesday night will be members of the media, precinct election officials and observers (if any). These individuals are all required to have approval prior to election day to be in the building on election night.

“After a lot of discussion on the subject, the board members believe that the board office simply does not have the space necessary,” said Kerrigan via an email. “The COVID issue is still a concern with our precinct election officials and the public at large. Also, our equipment is returned and stored here and we (staff and board members) must be aware of and comply with the security measures that have been put into effect in the last two years for elections. Just taking into consideration these two matters alone, the board members have decided that we will not have this county’s building open to the public for the November General Election night 2021.”

Results from Election Night will be posted online once all the precincts have been counted.