White, Riedel announce release of dam improvement funds

COLUMBUS –Improvements at Grand Lake St. Marys will play an important role in helping protect the Lake Erie watershed.

The work is part of a $24 million state-owned dam rehabilitation and improvements package approved by the State Controlling Board, State Representatives Susan Manchester, R-Waynesfield, and Craig Riedel, R-Defiance, announced Monday.

“Protecting our lakes and watersheds is vital for our environment and our economy,” Riedel said.

“Being proactive is more efficient and economical, and will lead to a better outcome,” Manchester said.

The Grant Lake St. Marys lake aquatic nuisance species barrier improvements project will help protect the Lake Erie watershed. Modifications to the east dam spillway are required in order to prevent the migration of aquatic nuisance species between the Ohio River watershed and the Lake Erie watershed.

Grant Lake St. Marys was originally constructed as a feeder reservoir for the Miami-Erie Canal. Today, it is one of the region’s top recreational attractions, offering boating, camping and swimming opportunities.