Edison State rolls out 25&UP Finish Fast tuition waiver

PIQUA — Edison State Community College is offering a 25&UP Finish Fast Tuition Waiver to adults ages 25 and over.

This 100% tuition waiver will assist students seeking career advancement or furthering their education by getting them on an accelerated path to earning a credential in as little as one semester.

“Edison State continues to grow enrollment, student success, and our financial strength,” said Edison State President Dr. Doreen Larson. “We’re excited to invest in targeting the acute workforce needs of our region. The Edison State Board of Trustees has appropriated $0.5 million to support this 100% tuition waiver. The project starts now—to apply and register for upcoming January courses. Our doors are wide open to adults switching careers, starting careers, or upskilling in their current careers.”

To be eligible, students must be 25 or older by the start of the first day of classes in which they are enrolled, submit an Edison State admissions application and an application for the 25&UP Finish Fast Tuition Waiver, and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students must also stay continuously enrolled at Edison State in their program each fall and spring semester.

The 25&UP Finish Fast Tuition Waiver applies to any short-term technical certificate or one-year certificate offered in person or online at Edison State. Adults pursuing accelerated associate degrees from Edison State in Accounting, Business Systems, Criminal Justice, or Industrial Operations also qualify for the waiver. These associate degree programs follow a cohort model with predetermined course scheduling. Students must commit to full-time enrollment, joining a group of students who will start the program at the same time and progress and complete courses together as a defined group.

Students receiving the 25&UP Finish Fast Tuition Waiver will have 100% of their tuition covered, which includes instructional, general, technology, activity, and career services fees. Any financial aid awarded to the student will pay first. Lab fees for individual courses, security fees, books, and additional fees will be the students’ responsibility.

To view complete details, visit www.edisonohio.edu/25up. Email [email protected] or call 937-778-8600 with questions.