Dayton Area Mensa to offer qualification test in March, April

DAYTON — Dayton Area Mensa will offer the society’s membership qualification test beginning at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 23, and Wednesday, April 20, in the Fellowship Hall of Dorothy Lane American Baptist Church, 960 W. Dorothy Lane, Kettering.

Test takers should arrive and sign in 15 to 20 minutes before start time. Late arrivals cannot be accommodated once testing has started. Those who score in the top 2% of the general population on either of two tests of logic and reasoning will be invited to join Mensa.

Persons at least 14 years old but less than 18 must have a parent or guardian sign for permission to take the test. Mensa can provide the permission form in advance upon request and they will be available at the testing session. 

Persons under 14, or their parents if appropriate, are invited to visit and Those under 18 or parents are invited to see American Mensa has members as young as two years to over 100 and the Dayton group has members of primary school age through middle 90s.

A non-language battery of tests is available for those whose primary language is not English, those who are dyslexic, or those who have a physical condition which would prevent them from taking the regular Mensa Admissions Tests. The non-language tests are given only by individual appointment. Please contact Mensa to set up an appointment.

Face masks covering the nose and mouth while inside the building are recommended. The proctor is fully vaccinated. Safe social distancing will be maintained at all times. A maximum of nine test takers can be accommodated and pre-registrants will have priority. For information about testing or to pre-register, contact the Testing Coordinator, [email protected] or 937-546-7885.

American Mensa is not for profit per U. S. Internal Revenue Code Section 501c(4) but must cover expenses including paying for the use of copyrighted tests which Mensa does not own. For a test administered by a local group’s volunteer proctor American Mensa charges $60 to evaluate and report the candidate’s test results to the candidate.

There is an additional way to test and qualify for Mensa membership for those who find the testing schedule inconvenient. See for information.

For more information, contact Mensa or visit