Blevins to give presentation at Miami Valley Veterans Museum

TROY — The Miami Valley Veterans Museum will present Edison State educator and military historian Dr. Vivian Blevins on Wednesday, March 2, at the monthly coffee.

The sense of women in the military is often colored by a perception that they are nurses on bases that are safe, well protected, or they are sitting at a computer in an office handling paperwork. Admittedly, some are doing both, and these tasks are critically important.

Blevins’ interviews of veterans and current military women of the Miami Valley of Ohio, however, has transported her into worlds where women are practicing nursing skills under enemy fire, or are aboard a U.S. Coast Guard ship responsible for fire power, or are piloting U.S. Navy planes.

The display at the Miami Valley Veterans Museum begins with Josephine Miller Slyder. She is baking bread for the Union and Confederate soldiers at the Battle of Gettysburg while attending to the wounded and dying. Multiple displays include women currently serving at Wright- Patterson Air Force Base. In conjunction with Edison State Community College the museum is committed to recognizing women as part of educating visitors about their work.

This exhibit is a work in progress, and the Museum encourages veterans, and those currently serving, to contact Blevins and become a part of this growing display.

Join with veterans and visitors for free coffee and donuts from the museum’s partner, Miami County Veterans Services, 9 a.m., on Wednesday, March 2.