The varying levels of love

By Rachel Hale

How much can a heart love? Is there a limit or several levels, each increasing with time?

I remember being a blushing bride, my heart full of love for my husband. Looking back on that time of my life I was certain that I had reached the pinnacle of love. We were unstoppable, able to face anything together, letting our love for one another be our armor when trials arose.

I later learned that while the love of a couple is strong, it pales in comparison to the love for a child. The moment my son was born and we locked eyes with each other, it was as if I could feel my heart growing inside my chest! It grew even more when our second came along. I quickly became what is best described as a Momma Bear! Fiercely protective, willing to do whatever I could to ensure my children’s happiness.

When I listen to the members at the Senior Center talk about their grandchildren, comparing notes with each other as to how many grands and great grands they have, I used to find it very entertaining. I mean, how can some of them keep track?When they talk about each one you are certain that one is their favorite, until they start sharing about another one! I just didn’t understand completely when they said “you don’t know how much you can love until you have a grandchild”.

The last day of February I joined their club! I became a “Mamaw” for the first time! As soon as I held my beautifully and wonderfully made blessing from God I understood what they meant. It was as if my heart had grown too large to fit in my chest and now was out in the world housed in the form of my grandson! I find myself getting lost in his eyes, dreaming of how he will grow up and all the experiences he will have. I am now one of those “Seniors” that share pictures and stories about my grandchild. I have received a crash course on the “grandma language” of love.

Sharing stories about grandchildren is not the only thing that Senior Center members fill their time with when they are here. It is just what happens between Moove N Groove, Chair Exercise, working out in the Fitness Room or playing cards, bingo or Shuffleboard. These are just a few of the activities that our members can enjoy.

Card playing is something that every age group can enjoy, but for those of us 50 or better, it can sometimes be serious business! We are serious about having fun! I invite you to join us for the return of our Annual Spring Card Party on Wednesday April 27, 1 to 4 p.m. This is open to the public at a cost of just $7 which includes door prizes, light refreshments and all the fun you can possibly have! Tickets are on sale now.

While I may have only been a “Mamaw” for a short time, trust me when I say that I already have plenty of pictures and stories to tell! The smile on my face just hasn’t gone away and I am betting it never will!

Until I see you at the Center,

Have a Blessed Day!

By Rachel Hale

The writer is the executive director of the Senior Center of Sidney and Shelby County.

The writer is the executive director of the Senior Center of Sidney and Shelby County.