Sidney BOE awards mowing, roofing contracts

By Melanie Speicher - [email protected]

SIDNEY — A mowing contract with Superior Seal Coat was approved Monday night by the Sidney City Schools Board of Education. And the first phase of the high school roofing project was also given the green light.

During the meeting, Treasurer Mike Watkins explained the need to go with an outside agency to mow the district’s lawns instead of doing it in-house.

“We have a lot of projects going on this summer that are normally not there,” said Watkins. “We thought this would be a good time to give it a try.”

Watkins said the projects include installing air conditioning in buildings, playground work and moving the Latchkey program to Parkwood. He said the district has only two mowers while Superior Seal Coat has four.

The contract awarded to Superior Seal Coat for the 2022 mowing season is at a cost of up to $65,000. The project was put out to bid and Superior Seal Coat submitted the best bid.

The company will bill the district once a month for work performed. The one-year contract will be reviewed at the end of mowing season.

The first phase of a five-year project to replace the roof at Sidney High School was approved. The project was awarded to Cotterman and Company Inc. at a cost of $234,725. The first phase includes roof No. 4 and No. 5 where the ballast will be removed and disposed of. It will be prepared for a layover of insulation; new wood nailer as needed; installing a white Duro-Tuff roof system; properly flashing all roof penetrations; installing two way breather vents every 1,000 square feet; installing walk pads at all roof access points and HAVC service doors; installing termination bar on interior walls; and installing 8-inch two-piece compression metal along exterior perimeter edges.

Phase two will be for SHS roof No. 6 and completed in 2023. The project in 2024 will be for roofs 10 and 11. Phase four in 2025 will be for roofs 13 and 15. The final year of the project in 2026 will be for roofs 2 and 3.

The JaVA principal job description was also approved by the board. Previously, the position was hired through the Midwest Education Service Center. With the new description, Sidney City Schools will be hiring the person.

Superintendent Bob Humble said one of the JaVa positions will be transitioned to a K-4 attendance liaison for the district. The same amount of money will be used but it’s being shifted to the attendance liaison.

In personnel items, Nicole Sluss was given a two-year contract to be the student services coordinator. She will be paid $85,000 per year and the contract is effective Aug. 1, 2022.

According to Humble, the position was added in 2019 but wasn’t filled as the district cut a principal’s position. Sluss is currently a multiple disabilities teacher at Northwood Intermediate School.

Also given two-year administrator contracts were Brittany Johnson, school psychologist, $95,000 per year, effective Aug. 1, 2022; and Jesie Geuy Sidney Middle School assistant principal, $78,000 per year, effective Aug. 1, 2022.

Teacher Michelle Angell was recalled to her position effective Aug. 25, 2022. She will be paid $75,937. Her teaching position was suspended due to reduction in force in January 2021.

The retirement of Penny Raterman, bus driver, was accepted effective June 1, 2022. The resignations of Celeste Kuck, teacher, March 30, 2022; Tom Clark, JaVa coordinator, June 1, 2022; Josh Billing, teacher, Aug. 1, 2022; and Angie Ross, family and community engagement coordinator, Aug. 1, 2022; were accepted. The termination of custodian James Peepels was accepted effective April 1. According to Humble, Peepels had gotten hurt — not in the district, said Humble — and decided to quit but never turned in his resignation.

Certified employees given one-year contracts with an effective date of Aug. 25, 2022, were Mara Foster, teacher, $52,185; Andrea Steenrod, teacher, $41,450; Corum Cotterman teacher, $57,185; Hayley Roberts, speech language pathologist, $55,102; Megan Gray, teacher, $41,768; Kayla Keaton, teacher, $48,852; Kelsey Magoteaux, teacher, $45,163; Stephanie Denney, teacher, $45,519; William Matson, $41,768; and Jenna Beremand, teacher, $41,450.

Substitute teachers given a one-year limited, as needed contract were Sharon Windle, Laney Shaw and Elizabeth Pestke. All will receive $105 per day.

Classified substitutes given a one-year limited, as needed contract were Elizabeth Pestke, aide, $12.33 per hour; and Cody Myers, bus driver, $17.95 per hour.

Supplemental one-year contracts were given to Dave DeVelvis, Sidney Middle School softball coach, $1,430; and Allan Egbert, Sidney High School assistant track coach, $4,504.

Nathan Gunnell was hired a seasonal help at $16.03 per hour from April 1 to Oct. 30.

Extended days for full-time employees contracts were adjusted for Anthony Moeder, school psychologist, 10 days at $4,330 from April 1-30; and Ashley Wiley, school psychologist, 10 days at $4,457 from April 1-30.

The board’s next meeting will be Monday, May 16, at 6 p.m. at Sidney High School.

By Melanie Speicher

[email protected]

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.